Love Endangered

One titled a bitch other is titled a Jerk, Love between two lovers is often ending this way. Love with the nature can hardly be seen through the glasses of destructive development.  How can we save Love ? Let us discuss, Love is an attachment of two or more souls. The more the attachment is, […]


GetResponse and Aweber are tools for organizing your mailing list; create attractive templates for the newsletter and sending newsletters to your subscribers. They also allow you to automate your communications to subscribers through ‘automatic responses’. These are used to provide subscribers with newsletters at predefined intervals – for example, immediately after enrolling, a subscriber may […]


Imagine yourself having a superpower to create whatever you want, It will be godly. The same godly power resides within the software developers. From creation of a simple “Hello World app” to creating the applications and softwares that are connecting people globally.  With all new algorithms and programming skills a programmer can make even the […]

Secret ingredients for flawless skin !

Everyone wishes to have a smooth, healthier and shinier skin. Skin acts as a protective barrier from the outside environment. Skin colored pigment mainly depends on STI, called melanin, produced in the skin cells called melanocytes. The melanocytes produce more melanin pigment, resulting in darker skin. Skin tone can darken from tanning or as a […]


SOLAR PANEL : Solar panel is made up of interconnected cells which helps in converting the solar energy into electricity. The solar panels directly converts the sunlight into electricity at the atomic level. The theory behind the solar panel is that when the multiple modules are connected together in a module, and mounted inside a […]

2 Pizzas and the Grapevine 

This articles talks about the 2 key concepts of the communication in an organization.  2 Pizzas rule is a rule given by jeff bezoz (Amazon ceo) that no team should be bigger than what 2 pizzas can feed. According to jeff communication is terrible. With the increase in the size of team the link in […]