2 Pizzas and the Grapevine 

This articles talks about the 2 key concepts of the communication in an organization.  2 Pizzas rule is a rule given by jeff bezoz (Amazon ceo) that no team should be bigger than what 2 pizzas can feed. According to jeff communication is terrible. With the increase in the size of team the link in…

How to delete Facebook Search History?

Each time you search for something on facebook your search gets recorded into the Activity Log. You searched for your crush, you are searching for something out in your privacy or some other reason that you might not be willing to share. To keep your searches safe and leak proof you need to clear your…

India’s eternal mystic city

Pushkar, in Sanskrit “blue Lotus flower”, according to the etymology Hindus think that the gods released a swan with a Lotus bud in his beak . The place where the Lotus bloomed was called Pushkar. Pushkar derived from word ‘pushkarini’ – lake. It can be derived from word Pushpa means flower and Kar means hand….

10 tips and Home remedies for silky smooth hairs

Everyone desires a head full of thick and silky hairs. Unfortunately every 8 of 10 people suffer from one or the other type of hair problem. Some of the common reasons for the loss of hair include ageing, tension, hormonal change, inappropriate regime, on use of improper products for hair and genetics. On an average,…


Tourism at Israel is its main source of income recorded 3.14 million tourist visits in the year 2013. Israel offers a plenty of sites. Israel, the Middle East countries of the Mediterranean Sea, is considered by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land. It’s most sacred sites are clustered in the Old City of Jerusalem,.