A journey to Self Employment

I consider myself as a passionate developer, filled with enthusiasm and ready to take challenges. But the question is, isn’t a flexibility is required to maintain that zeal within one self.

Efficiency is radically reduced when one is kept under spy cams or manger’s eagle eye monitoring. Working on a single desk for more than 7 hours is a pain in the head. No matter how much interest you have. The restriction in a desk job will never provide a room for personal growth.

Freelancing provides complete flexibility on the other hand.

  • The choice is yours.
  • You are the owner of the project, you can suggest the best ideas and work in self comfort environment.
  • No more extra hours of unpaid work.
  • Self-decided workload per hour or per day.

As a freelancer no-one will be putting pressure on you, no politics involved. You will never be blamed for others faults.]


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