5 Home Remedies to tackle Headaches


Headaches such as the migranes, Sinus headaches are caused due to lower magnesium levels. Banana is said to be the richest source of magnesium, several studies suggest that magnesium may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels.

 8 Bananas per day may help the brain to balance the waves that cause depression and thus leads to severe headaches, especially a migraine and handles the pain before its intensity raises.


Ginger helps reduce the burning sensation in head and therefore a quick relief.

  • Simplest solution is to boil ginger powder or raw ginger in water, and inhale the vapor. OR
  • Mix equal amounts of ginger juice and lemon juice and consume twice a day.OR
  • Chew one or two pieces of crystallized ginger candy.


Apply lavender oil with soft hands on your forehead and lie down in a cool dark place for better results.


 Peppermin oil consist of menthol which helps dissolve the pain and give a quick snap relax to the brain.

• If you have a vaporizer, add seven drops lavender oil and three drops peppermint oil, then breathe in the relief.

• Place 2 cool wet pepperment tea bags on you eye lids and feel the cool.


Sleep is the best migrane pain reliever, it resets your body levels to normal. And take regular meals even if you dont want to. An empty stomach always worsens the situation.


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