Life is very strange. As soon as you are clear in mind, and avoid the thoughts of pain and sufferings and persevere, miracle happens. Life itself comes to support you. 

If you already give up and fear for the difficulties you might face, society pressure or the pattern designed by the society itself then you are lost. And life wont help you. 

When you give up on yourself the miracles that are going to happen suddenly vanishes, your chances to outstand with life reduces.

 You may have to stay hungry, you may have to contend, face contrary allegations directly, but such situations emerge out to be very valuable. You will no longer be a carbon copy. You will carry your name and shine with you and this is a miracle. 

Many of us are afraid to stand alone. Although it is very difficult, especially when you’re young and alone. But you will find something that is real, help surely comes, Its life helps in multiple ways. The moment you refuse to give up, life comes, new ways and new methods arouse and these can help you. 

Your difficulties can be in the form of hunger, the appearance of a conflict may be in the form of tightness. But if life is invited to the event, legend will be born. 

If we dont want to invite life, we want to be in a safe circle, Safe reputation. We definately die safely too.


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