​One of the misunderstood fundamentals of the world is the concept of ‘cooperation’. Cooperation means Doing anything together for fun, independently with freedom. 

Cooperation is natural. One must not be forced to cooperate through agreements, or just for the sake of benefits. Making someone cooperative for awards, prize money and etc is a common practice in the world. 

Managers often force a group to work together for the sake of profits or task conpletion. But this is not cooperation. Being cooperative is a completely different stuff. 

Cooperation is when small children play, they will cooperate in anything together to make each other’s time playful. They are not bound to any Agreement nor they are rewarded for playing or do not do it out of fear. They just want to help, they just enjoy it, it is fun. 

Although We, the grownups have messed the cooncept of cooperation. We bend the defination by rewarding children and forcing them to cooperate. 

Cooperation is in freedom, joy, fun, self involvement. In true cooperation Happiness is involved.


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