Love Endangered

One titled a bitch other is titled a Jerk, Love between two lovers is often ending this way. Love with the nature can hardly be seen through the glasses of destructive development. 

How can we save Love ?

Let us discuss, Love is an attachment of two or more souls. The more the attachment is, more will be the love. To save love a Pure attachment is required.

Pure Attachment 

Love as an enormous source of energy, it generates passion to cross limits, it generates strength to overcome weakness, it opens one’s hidden senses to achieve anything. When someone is in love, the god stands right next to him.

Why are there so many problems ?

Although powerfull but still there are a lot of threats to love.

  • Misunderstanding is the leading cause, it uses love to destroy relationships. 
  •  Trust issues, those who suffer trust issues are never happy. Happy souls are self dependent, and With 100% surity i can say, Such people live a long loving life.
  • Comparison, Love promotes equality, it washes away the sins and leads to eternity. Comparison is a daily habbit. Rich and poor cannot love, Smart and dumb cannot love, Young and old cannot love. Those who are in love are equal.
  • Anger and Stress , these are the man made phenomenon. Expectations are the root cause for Anger and therefore causes stress , which restricts the love to touch the soul. causes boredom in relationships.
  • Give and take, Love is a give and give phenomenon.

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