The scary “Devil’sTriangle” ! 

Yes, It is all about the Bermuda Triangle. 
Is Bermuda triangle to be avoided while travelling?

The Bermuda triangle is famously known for its devils trap to dissapear ships and planes (Malaysian flight MH370) travelling across through it.

The triangle is bounded by Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. In a book ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ the author Charles Blitz believed that this mystery is somehow connected to the lost city of Atlantis, the myth was expanded somewhat more, stating “The crystal energy from the lost city is responsible for dissapering huge ships and planes”
Another theory states that the the accidents may possibly be the human made mistakes. But if they were the human made mistakes, why were the parts of those ships not discovered ?

More details over the mystery, the  Devil’s triangle is often affected by strong storms and strange weathers, causing disasters

Although apart from this great mystery the triangle is said to be the beautiful sight seeing place, Some even provides free accomodation to live for all. Thus travelling to the bermuda island is more fun mixed with mysteries and myths 


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