Solar panel is made up of interconnected cells which helps in converting the solar energy into electricity. The solar panels directly converts the sunlight into electricity at the atomic level.

The theory behind the solar panel is that when the multiple modules are connected together in a module, and mounted inside a single frame, they form a solar panel which produce the electricity at a certain level. The current produce depends on the amount of light striking the panel.


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Solar power is measured in terms of photovoltaics, this is the conversion of the sunlight directly into electricity. In the late 20th century the Commercial concentrated solar power plants were settled. The largest concentrating solar power plant in the world,is the 392 MW Ivanpah installation in California.

Following  technologies are under use by the solar power plants :

  • Rooftop or Ground mounted solar farms Photovoltaic systems.
  • Concentrated Solar Power Plants.


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When the light falls on the  solar panel it generates the energy in form direct current, to convert the direct current in form of the varying frequency alternating current the solar inverter is being used.

Following are the 3 categories of the solar inverters:

  1. Stand Alone Inverters : They are used in isolated systems, The isolated system contains batteries charged by photovoltaic array. The isolated systems draws the DC from these photovoltaic array.
  2. Grid-tie inverters : These inverters automatically shut-down upon loss of utility supply, for the sake of safety.
  3. Battery backup inverters : During a utility outage Battery Backup inverters are can supply AC energy to specific loads and provide the anti islanding protection.


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A Cooking utensil that uses the sunlight as the main source of energy to cook food. One of the major advantages of the solar cooker is that it does not pollute the air. Solar cooker is the most natural way of cooking thus the quality is surely reflected in the food you eat.

Solar box cookers varying in the quality, performance are available in the market. Solar cookers can be prepared from small cardboard boxes. Thus to prepare a delicious meal in the most efficient way, go for a solar cooker.


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