2 Pizzas and the Grapevine 

This articles talks about the 2 key concepts of the communication in an organization. 

2 Pizzas rule is a rule given by jeff bezoz (Amazon ceo) that no team should be bigger than what 2 pizzas can feed. According to jeff communication is terrible. With the increase in the size of team the link in the communication channel increases thus increasing the risk of information loss.

Experimenting Grapevine with 2 Pizzas !

Grapevine : 

Grapevine is a communication spread in which information source is someones words and the the information reciever is the brain and the number of participants vary .

For example : Consider a team of 5 people . let us suppose 1st person gets the mesaage. He tells to the 2nd person and the 2nd person texts the message to 4th who later informs to 5th. This whole channel of communication is grapevine .

Explaining the effectiveness of 2 pizza rule with grapevine

The two pizza rule is all about the team size and the links present in the communication channel . Grapevine is a default communication channel everywhere. 

Suppose a smaller team. Here you have lesser number of people i.e. lesser links. The chances of everyone getting right information is high. But if the team size increases the risk of information distortion increses. 

As information is the keyrole in any organizational functionality its preffered to have small teams. If your team size increases better split in sub teams.

If a team can’t be fed with 2 pizzas, its too big


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