How to delete Facebook Search History?


Each time you search for something on facebook your search gets recorded into the Activity Log. You searched for your crush, you are searching for something out in your privacy or some other reason that you might not be willing to share. To keep your searches safe and leak proof you need to clear your Facebook search history from the Activity Log.
Where can you find the Activity Log?
When you log in to your facebook account you can see a small triangular icon in the right corner of the blue navigation bar, click on the icon and you would be able to see the Activity Log in the drop down list. It contains all your search history arranged according to the date and time in a particular web page.


The Activity log keeps a track of all your activities or searches and arranges them according to the date and time . It is a place where you would find your facebook search history. It encloses all the activities such as the date and time of liking a particular post or the date and time of commenting on a particular post or the searching history etc.
Where can we find the Search History?
In the activity log on the left side there is a list containing the links such as the Your Posts, Posts by Others, Photos Likes, Friends and MORE. Click on more and you would find some more options appearing in front of you such as news videos games books etc. You have to look for the link which says “Search” clicking on the search will take you to the search History.

What is Search History?
Search history is a collection of all yours past searches. It includes all the details of person or the group that you were trying to search in facebook. Search history keeps a record of your searches according to the date and time. The most recent searches are on the top of the list and the old ones are at the bottom. You may look your past searches and may review the person or some old good friend of yours you tried to look for in the last day, past week or past months.

How to clear the search history from facebook?
In the search bar you will see the link which says “clear searches” clicking on it would prompt you to clear the search history. Click on delete and the entire search history would be deleted.
To delete any particular search history, just search out for that particular history. Once you reach out the particular history that you want to remove click on a no entry kind of icon and click on delete. Once you click on delete, it will prompt to delete that particular search history click on delete and remove the search from the search items list. This would surely remove the history that has been annoying you or that you don’t want to disclose at any cost.


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