A journey to Self Employment

I consider myself as a passionate developer, filled with enthusiasm and ready to take challenges. But the question is, isn’t a flexibility is required to maintain that zeal within one self. Efficiency is radically reduced when one is kept under spy cams or manger’s eagle eye monitoring. Working on a single desk for more than […]

​घबराहट की भावना को अपने मन से कैसे हटाएँ ?

घबराहट की भावना को अपने मन से कैसे हटाएँ ?…कैसे हटाएँ इससे पहले क्या यह जान लेना जरूरी नहीं कि घबराहट की भावना मन में आती ही कैसे है ??  बचपन से हमें प्रतिदंद्विता के जाल में डाल दिया जाता है।” देखो पड़ोस के बच्चे ने इतनी सफलता प्राप्त की है ‘..तो जब तक सफलता […]

5 Home Remedies to tackle Headaches

​ BANANA: Headaches such as the migranes, Sinus headaches are caused due to lower magnesium levels. Banana is said to be the richest source of magnesium, several studies suggest that magnesium may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels.  8 Bananas per day may help the brain to balance the waves […]


Life is very strange. As soon as you are clear in mind, and avoid the thoughts of pain and sufferings and persevere, miracle happens. Life itself comes to support you.  If you already give up and fear for the difficulties you might face, society pressure or the pattern designed by the society itself then you […]


 ​One of the misunderstood fundamentals of the world is the concept of ‘cooperation’. Cooperation means Doing anything together for fun, independently with freedom.  Cooperation is natural. One must not be forced to cooperate through agreements, or just for the sake of benefits. Making someone cooperative for awards, prize money and etc is a common practice […]

Envy! No No No

Being Super happy 24 hours , how can it be without discipline? …. How can someone envy without discipline? …… Do You know what does it mean to be jealous?  You’re looking good, your shirt that you are wearing is very beautiful or your sari is very sweet, but … you are not wearing a […]

Intelligence is the ultimate defence.

Once a Chartered accountant was travelling by train from Mumbai to Bangalore!  When the train started, He was traveling alone in the AC-I coupe. Some time later, a Beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite berth!  CA was pleasantly Happy The lady kept smiling at him… This made him even more Happy☺ Then she […]